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Pimping! and Icons!

Hello all. I hope this is ok, if it isn't please let me know and I will never do it again :-) I am the co-mod of all several communities, illyria_still, anya_stillness, ulttvchallenge, just__willow and now I bring to you whedonsworld.

whedonsworld is a new Icon Challenge community dedicated to all things Joss Whedon. Buffy, Firefly, Angel, Serenity, and soon Wonder Woman. I am hoping to start the first challenge tonight, but to do that I want to have 20 members or more. So for all interested please join and prepare to have fun honoring the man that brought us three of the best worlds.

And while everyone is at it, check out the many icons I have made and are up for sharing on my journal.

Click me you know you wanna.

And remember to join whedonsworld.
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